Interior Design, n.: the art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and furnishings.

Julie Haloftis- Owner & Interior Designer
Julie began her design career with Christine Ronzio Interiors and eventually founded her own design firm, Relative Design (formerly JKB Interiors).  With more than fifteen years of experience working in interior design, Julie has helped clients throughout the St. Louis area to transform their homes and businesses.  Her goals are to determine each client's individual style, budget, and needs ultimately creating both an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.  Julie is detail oriented, approachable, and dedicated to her clients.  She is willing to work with each client's personal style and budget while also keeping in mind current trends in interior design.




Relative Design
12225 Blackheath Ct
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141
 12225 Blackheath Ct. Saint Louis, Missouri 63141 ~  314-494-1350